Welcome to Magnum Mastiffs!  I've been involved in the animal industry for over 14 years and started with Mastiffs in 1997.  Its funny, I never wanted a mastiff until I met my first one at a boarding kennel I worked at.  His name was Tiny and he was a giant goof ball ~ it was instant love!  I found a breeder and purchased my first mastiff, Kahlua.  Shortly after that, I had to get another and another.  My mastiffs are part of the family and each have their own characteristics and personalities that just make you laugh!  Mastiffs are not for the hard handed owner, they are like delicate wall flowers and their feelings do get hurt easily.  If you intend to care for and respect them, they will do just about anything to please you. 
The actual painting of the above artwork was done by a dear friend of mine, Roberta Manupella.  Let me know if you have any questions about the dogs or grooming as I also own a groom shop here in Littleton.  Have a great day!

~ Rachel

Form & Function At Its Best!


Rachel Diller

Littleton, CO




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